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Last Update : 2018/01/05
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Question / Issue
dpContactPush - Contact Push

Answer / Solution
PROGRAM: DataPlus 4.0 dpContactPush - Contact Push
Table of Contents
DataPlus 4.0 dpContactPush DataPlus 4.0 dpContactPush Push
What you need prior to push.
  1. Act! Premium
  2. dpContactPush installed & configured
  3. Nessassary Act fields created
  4. DataPlus 4.0 Permissions set for current user

DataPlus 4.0 dpContactPush Client Push
    Push Contact
    Create contact
  1. Create conact in Act
  2. Assign Customer Card
    Push Contact
  1. Tools/dpContactPush Push Contacts..
    Push Contact
    Select contact
  1. Check Select
  2. Click on Next
    Push Contact
    Contacts to be pushed
  1. Click on Next
    Push Contact
    Contacts pushed successfully
  1. Click on Finish
    Push Contact
    Contacts push monitor
  1. Push Monitor will remain present untill notification of successful creation in SAP One
  2. Click Check Now to check for results or allow the auto check every 15 seconds.
  3. After SAP One customer is created Push Monitor will close
  4. If Act is closed Push Monitor will resume after opening Act

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