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DataPlus 4.0 QuickBooks - Harvester

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PROGRAM: DataPlus QuickBooks - Harvester
Table of Contents

QuickBooks Harvester
    Start QuickBooks Harvester
  1. Click on Start/All Programs/Hogan Data/dpQuickBooks/QuickBooks Harvester
  2. QuickBooks Remote Started

    Processing Options

  3. Skip Date Check New data in enties will sync based on last sync date.
  4. Sync Mode
  5. Timeout (seconds)
  6. Allow Table Creation When checked QBTables are created or recreated.

    Environment Configuration

  7. Detailed Logging Enable this for debugging
  8. Log Bugs Enable this for debugging
  9. Suppress Warnings Enable this if you do not want warning in the log during Harvest

    Entity Selection

  10. All Entities Syncs all entities
  11. Ad Hoc Entities Syncs selected entities
  12. Entities List of available enties. Child enties are also encluded. e.g. Invoice / Invoice Line Items
  13. Click on All Syncs all entities then you can uncheck entities you do not want to sync
  14. Click on None No entities checked, then you can check entities you do want to sync
  15. Click on Opposite Entities checked will be unchecked and enties unchecked will be checked.

    Connection Overides Go to
    This is only used to override the default configuration

  16. Remote Server QBServerName
  17. Remote Port 3790
  18. Company File path to your QB Company and name

    Command Line

  19. Options
  20. Import Command Line
  21. Copy To Clipboard

QuickBooks Harvester Command Line
    Harvester Customization
  1. Click on Start/All Programs/Hogan Data/dpQuickBooks/QuickBooks Harvester

    Command Line

  2. The command line is used for creating batch files to execute manually or through Microsoft Task Scheduler.
  3. Open Windows Browser to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hogan Data\DataPlus 4.0\
  4. Sample batch file: Import-QBH (TSD64BIT).bat
  5. Edit Import-QBH (TSD64BIT).bat in notepad
    Harvester Customization
  1. Default command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hogan Data\DataPlus 4.0\dpQuickBooks-Harvester-Console.exe"
Click for enlarged image.

    Harvester Customization
  1. In harvester configuration Click on Ad Hoc Entities under Entity Selection
  2. Options now display /a Customer
  3. Click on Copy To Clipboard
  4. Open batch file and paste /a Customer after command line "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hogan Data\DataPlus 4.0\dpQuickBooks-Harvester-Console.exe"
  5. Sample: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hogan Data\DataPlus 4.0\dpQuickBooks-Harvester-Console.exe" /a Customer
  6. You can create multiple batch files with "Command Lines"
  7. e.g. Import-QBH_Customer.bat
  8. e.g. If you chose Customer and Invoice command line would be /a Customer Invoice and batch file could be Import-QBH_Customer_Invoice.bat

QuickBooks Harvester Connection Override
    Start QuickBooks Harvester
  1. Click on Start/All Programs/Hogan Data/dpQuickBooks/QuickBooks Harvester

    The purpose of "Connection Override is to change the default configuration of Harvester. This would allow you to Harvest different QuickBooks company files.

    Connection Overrides

  3. Remote Port 3790
  4. Company File C:\path\to company file.qbw
  5. Take notice of options under "Command Line". It displays /a Customer Invoice /op:3790 /os:SERVER\SQLINSTANCENAME /oc:"C:\path\to company file.qbw"
  6. You can copy this command line to a custom batch file for manual or automated execution using Microsoft Task Manager

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