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Question / Issue
QuoteWerks ReHost Database.

Answer / Solution
PROGRAM: QuoteWerks Professional
What you need prior to installation.
  1. QuoteWerks Version installed. (Fresh copy or Upgraded copy)
  2. QuoteWerks Version Corporate Edition License Key(s)
  3. Microsoft SQL Server/Express 2005 or version 2008 installed
  4. QuoteWerks Installed (QuoteWerks provides a "User Manual" with installation.
What you need for installation.
  1. SQL sa password
Approximant Time Table
  • 2 minutes - Documentation Review
  • 1 minutes - ApproximantTime for Installation
  • 3 minutes - Total Approximant Time

Steps to Rehost to SQL
    QuoteWerks Rehost Wizard
    At this point QuoteWerks will have a Corporate Edition License Key entered into QuoteWerks. However, at this point, the backend will still be the default MS Access backend. The following steps are required to rehost the backend:
  1. Select the Utilities -> Rehost backend to SQL menu.
    Note: The Utilities -> Rehost to SQL menu may not be enabled. It is only enabled if the following three conditions are met. (a) QuoteWerks must currently be using the Access backend. (b) A Corporate Edition license key must be entered in this installation. (c) The QuoteWerks user that is logged into QuoteWerks must have QuoteWerks Master Rights.
  2. Welcome to the QuoteWerks SQL Backend hosting wizard
  3. Click on Next >
    Create QuoteWerks Database
  1. On this window, you will specify the SQL server name, login ID, password, database owner, and name of the database that you want to create to host the QuoteWerks data (we recommend "qwAccountingDatabaseName").
  2. Click on Next >
    Create QuoteWerks Database
    Create QuoteWerks Database
  1. Click on Finish >

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