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Last Update : 2018/03/12
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dpQWSync EAQuote - Client Installation

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PROGRAM: EAQuote for e-automate - Client Install
Table of Contents

What you need prior to installation.
  1. QuoteWerks Installed (QuoteWerks provides a "User Manual" with installation.

What you need for installation.
  1. FILE: Downloaded installer "DataPlus-QWSync-Install.exe" from Hogan Data Client Portal

dpQWSync - Client Installation
    EAQuote Installer
  1. Execute DataPlus-QWSync-Install.exe Note: Right click file and "Run as administrator"
  2. Click on Next >
    License Agreement
  1. If you agree, click on "I Agree"
  2. Click on Next >
    Choose Components
  1. Check Client Components
    - QW EA Quote
  2. Click on Next >

    Choose Install Location
  1. Choose the folder in which to install dpQWSync
  2. Click on Install

    Installation Complete
  1. Click on Close

EAQuote Activation
  1. Window's Start/Program Files/Hogan Data/dpQWSync EA Quote
  2. Right mouse click "EAQuote Activation" file
  3. "Run as administrator"
  1. Next
    Enter Serial Number
  1. Copy license key string
  2. Click Paste Serial
  3. Click Next
    Application Complete
  1. Click Finish

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