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dpHistory - Client Installation

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PROGRAM: dpHistory - Client Installation
Table of Contents

    What you need prior to installation.
    1. Downloaded installer "dpHistory-install.exe" file from your "Client Portal or location provided.
    2. Remember where you downloaded the file
    3. Browse to the location you downloaded "dpHistory-install.exe"
      If you have an older version of dpHistory...
    1. Uninstall dpHistory
    2. Start/Programs/Hogan Data/dpHistory/Uninstall dpHistory

    What you need for installation.
    1. "dpHistory-install.exe"

    dpHistory - Client Installation
      Execute Installer
    1. Browse to installer file 'dpHistory-Install.exe'
      ! Important
    2. Right click 'dpHistory-Install.exe' and "Run as administrator"
      dpHistory Setup - Welcome Screen
    1. Click on Next >
      License Agreement
    1. If you agree, click on "I accept..."
    2. Click on Next >
      Choose Components
    1. For Act 2009 check ACT! 2009 Client
    2. For Act 2010 and above check ACT! 2010 Client
    3. Click on Next >
      Choose Install Location
    1. Choose the folder in which to install dpHistory
    2. Click on Install
      Installation Complete
    1. Click on Next >
      Complete Setup Wizard
    1. Click on Finish

    dpHistory Activation
    1. From the windows Start menu
    2. Start/All Programs/Hogan Data/dpHistory/
      ! Important
    3. Right click dpHistory Activation and "Run as Administrator"
    4. Click Next
      Enter Serial Number
    1. Manually enter serial number or
    2. After copying serial number, click Paste Serial
    3. Click Next
      Automatic Activation
      Activation Complete
    1. Click Finish

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